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Adam Fitch is a marketing executive and technology entrepreneur with startup, product development, business development, mobile and social media experience.   He has launched companies, web based platforms and consumer software products from inception through sale via retail, PC OEM licensing and web based platforms in software and mobile industries.  He has extensive trade show and technology demonstration experience managing booths and performing product demonstrations alongside partners, including Intel and Microsoft, throughout the United States and internationally in Barcelona, Shanghai and Taipei.

Fitch serves as a Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the Albertelli family of companies;  ALAW, Oversite Data Services, BrightLine Title, US and additional startup technology ventures.

Working with Albertelli, Fitch also served as SVP, Business Development for subsidiaries PREO and PREO Mortgage. This role fostered a keen understanding of the real estate industry while he drove sales and marketing strategies including technology and social media.

Prior to Albertelli, Fitch was Vice President of Sales and Marketing and later on the advisory board of Empowered Wireless. He drove strategic relationships and fundraising for the startup. He joined Empowered after serving as the Director of Sales and Marketing for One Voice Technologies, a voice recognition company. During his tenure at One Voice, Fitch managed product lines from inception through sale and developed key relationships with partners Intel, Microsoft and numerous PC OEM manufacturers. One Voice’s patents are in use today by the Apple iPhone’s Siri voice assistant.

Growing up, Adam called Hartford, Los Angeles, Long Island, and Atlanta home. His experiences include acting in television commercials and on stage, promoting products at shows and sporting events, and developing websites for both clients and as advertising revenue generators. Fitch earned his BBA in Business with emphasis in Marketing from the University of West Georgia. He lives in La Jolla, California with his wife Natalie and enjoys spending time with his family in Downeast Maine, where he prides himself as a “Lobstah” cooking expert.


Adam J Fitch
La Jolla, California
Phone: 858-754-9662
Email: adam@fitchsells.com

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Our Wedding:

Officiant of my Sister’s Wedding:

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — Serving as Officiant for the wedding of Pamela Fitch and Steven Hildebrand was truly one of the great honors of my life.

Terrorizing the Library for Nickelodeon Commercial:


“Adam is a born marketeer. He has a natural ability to deliver clear and crisp messages on products to potential customers. In addition he is always prepared with good demos to back up his message. Adam has been fun & productive to work with!” October 19, 2009

Uday KeshavdasBusiness Development Manager, Intel: Ultra Mobility Group

“Adam is a passionate professional devoted to the evangelism and promotion of technology. I’ve enjoyed working with Adam several times and his knowledge and enthusiasm have been a huge asset in our endeavors together. I’m always excited for opportunities that involve working with Mr. Fitch.” October 29, 2009

Dennis BeckerChief Executive Officer, CommerceTel

“Adam has a unique blend of technical and business prowess and when combined with is amazing energy level, limitless creativity and superb communications skills makes him a key member of any team that chooses to leverage his talents. I have had the pleasure to have worked with him before, am working with again at Empowered Wireless and will always attempt to include him in any technology based opportunity I involved with.” October 20, 2009

Steven ZielkeManaging Principal, Horizon Matrix LLC

“Adam is an extremely effective sales and marketing executive with superb communication and business development skills. He is an excellent networker and his attention to detail and follow-up is outstanding. Adam would be a great addition to any organization. I highly recommend doing business with Adam.” January 22, 2011

Gregory HrncirBoard Member, Empowered Wireless, Inc.

“Adam is a true professional and right out of the box. In fact, he’s way too smart for the box all together! I have often been impressed with his knowledge and ability to personally handle creative tasks, special requests and execution. He understands the needs of clients and the end user of a client’s product. Adam has a true passion for mobile marketing and is on the forefront of what is coming next. OJC has come to cherish our relationship with Adam and look forward to a long lasting journey with him. We continue to learn new things from Adam all the time which inspires us to move in new directions for our clients and our business overall.” June 11, 2010

Adam WarrenManaging Partner, OpenJar Concepts

“Adam’s dedication to quality and customer service is second to none. I have known him for many years and he has a service mentalitiy with a focus on quality. He and his firm do a terrific job! He is of excellent moral character and those qualities are hard to find in a professional these days.” September 16, 2011

Mark VannLoan Officer, Home Lending Source

“Adam and I have worked on projects together for several years. His attention to detail and focus on completing strategic as well as technical goals has positively impacted our business together.” January 29, 2009

John SovocoolTechnology & Show Manager, Walt Disney World Co

“Adam headed several product lines for One Voice. He did a fantastic job. Adam is intelligent, hard-working, innovative, likable, and a real positive person. I would gladly work with him again.” September 9, 2008

Laszlo BetyarVice President, One Voice Technologies, Inc

“Adam was a bright and motivated student, and he has stayed in touch since graduation. He continues to impress me with his initiative and enthusiasm for life and work.” October 20, 2009

Faye McIntyre, Dean Richards College of Business, University of West Georgia

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